CP PLUS is a comprehensive surveillance and electronic security brand with the most extensive portfolio in the entire industry. Recognizing that investing in technology means investing in innovation, CP PLUS aims to make security more and more accessible and enrich the lives of Indians everywhere with an enhanced living experience. CP PLUS has also been the first and foremost player in the surveillance industry to produce security solutions and products locally in India through the brand’s manufacturing facilities in Andhra Pradesh.

CP PLUS, as a brand, is dedicated to continuously offer more and more new and proficient solutions that cater to all the varied security requirements of millions of users across the country. Working to spread a sense of security to every corner of India, CP PLUS is an instigator for introducing new technologies to the Indian market. Being a well-trusted brand with quite a deep understanding and know-how of the security and surveillance needs of the rapidly changing time, CP PLUS stands unrivaled when it comes to conceptualizing customized and best-suited solutions for the security troubles of corporates and public enterprises as well as educational institutes and entire smart cities.   

Launched by Aditya Infotech Limited over 18 years ago, CP PLUS soon became an established Indian player by becoming a market leader and reached the leading spot in the surveillance industry and is ranked amongst the Top 2 Security and Surveillance Brands in Asia. CP PLUS is also the only Indian brand in the worldwide Top 4 list. Due to its magnificent performance and rapid as well as continuous growth, CP PLUS has also been ranked as the Youngest and Fastest Brand as per the latest IHS World Report on Video Surveillance.

Headquartered in Delhi-NCR, India, CP PLUS has been evolving and has reached most of Asia and the Middle East along with Europe as well. The mission of securing India and lighting up its faces has been so immaculately embodied in CP PLUS that the brand diligently aims to provide advanced, affordable, robust, and resilient technology solutions in every corner of the world.

Now, with the launch of its new production facility, CP PLUS has become the Largest Manufacturer of Surveillance products and devices in the world anywhere outside of China. And as the Largest Indian player making surveillance more accessible for the global population, CP PLUS is also expanding a lot more on the R&D side to meet the vision of the Hon’ble Prime Minister.

After winning over most of the Asian market, CP PLUS has also begun its global quest where the brand is making huge investments and opening offices to extend its reach to the US and Canada, countries in Europe, Middle-East, Africa, and even Australia. With a growing global outreach and an indigenized and dedicated R&D Hub at home, CP PLUS is well on its path to becoming the most trusted surveillance partner for the entire world, delivering much more than security but an enhanced living experience.