CP PLUS 4MP Wi-Fi Full Color Outdoor Smart Security Camera


CP PLUS 4MP Wi-Fi Full Color Outdoor Smart Security Camera

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360˚ with Pan & Tilt | Two Way Talk | Human Detection | Night Vision | Supports SD Card (Up to 128 GB) | Alexa & Google Home

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Motion Detection, 360° View, Privacy Mode, View & Talk, Full Color

CP PLUS offers the finest selection of network camera to meet various needs. We have the right surveillance solution for any business or environment.

View & Talk

View & Talk

Enables you to stay in touch with your loved ones from anywhere, meaning you can also talk while viewing the live video feed on the phone.

Privacy Mode

Privacy Mode

Using privacy mode, you can block the camera view & recording of a specific area of your choice to maintain privacy.

360° View

360° View

This Ezykam+ by CP PLUS does not even require installation hassles and you can easily place it on a mount, plug it in, connect to the Wi-Fi and you are good to go.

What will you get?

More than security, you will get to experience an enhanced way of living. Making your home safer and smarter, CP PLUS aims to deliver millions of smiles across miles.

Superior Night Vision

Provides full-color video even in low light. Using a bigger CMOS image sensor, this camera offers a wider contrast range allowing shadows and darker areas to be illuminated with perfect clarity as the sensor with bigger pixels collects more light, and more light improves the image quality even in the dark

Alexa and Google Supported

The CP PLUS ezyKam+ also works with both Alexa & Google Home, which lets you integrate your surveillance solution with your smart home system, meaning that with a simple voice command, you can now view your camera feed live on TV or smart phone.

Human Body Detection

Designed to provide human detection and intelligent alerts, which means only being alerted only when the need occurs as the camera detects people as opposed to animals, passing vehicles, or other inanimate moving objects.

Innovations to Make Your Home Smarter

Enhancing the quality of life for you, our widest range of smart home solutions has been developed to deliver much more than security. Our aim is to empower you and your loved ones with innovations you can truly depend upon.